Beaded Gemstone Bonsai Trees

Gemstone trees and beaded bonsai trees will decorate any home or office. It could be a great gift idea for any occasion!

Beaded Flowers & Succulents

These beautiful beaded flowers and succulents will bloom forever in your home, or will be an unique gift for someone special.

Tiny Beaded Christmas Trees

Don't have a space for big Christmas tree? Tiny beaded Christmas trees - ideal Holiday decor for small spaces and office desks.

Beaded Hair Accessories

These adorable beaded flower hair clips and hairbands are made for little princesses or even their moms.


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Beaded trees & flowers displaying & cleaning tips

If your beaded flowers / trees have accumulated dust, or if they have otherwise become dirty: First, try using a small dry paintbrush with flexible bristles or damp cloth to remove the dust. If that didn’t work, use a small amount of water…

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